This has already been a crazy day! I was up until 3am editing my book. I am sooo excited that it’s going to be up soon! I went to bed and woke up a few hours later and started reading one of my favorite blogs by David Gaughran.Love this blog!
I saw his article on John Locke and knew I wanted to read it right away. Thanks David for the heads up!

I have a lot of things to do today but everything is a 90 mile drive from my house. I need to get some blood tests done and I know I’ll have a long wait due to no appt. made. But I’m good with that as I plan on reading John Locke’s book!
I left the house and was on my way, about 20 miles from home when I realized that I had left my paperwork for these blood tests at home. I hate when I do that! So I got off the next exit and started to head back home.
That’s when I hit a road block. A semi truck dropped a load of wood off of his truck and people were scrambling to get it off the road. I picked up my Kindle as my car was shut off and turned it on expecting to read John Locke’s book. It wasn’t on my Kindle! I then remembered that I hadn’t actually hit the *click to buy now* button on Amazon when I was looking at it earlier. That’s ok though cause I searched his book on the Kindle, found it, and there it was!
Of course by now the wood was all cleaned up and I had to go home to get the blood work paperwork. As soon as I get to the lab, I’ll be reading this book!
And this is how I picked up John Locke on the side of the freeway.
Ok…I’m off to my destination…again. I have John Locke in tow and I’m ready to go! I’ll be posting on here as soon as I get back!

Ok…so yesterday turned out to be one of those days where I should have just stayed home. Once I got to my destination, I dropped my cell in a grocery store parking lot. Today I have to drive back out there and pick it up from a lady that found it.
I didn’t have time to read John Locke’s book while I was out of town either. I did start reading it when I got home though! I’m not finished with it yet because then I had to work that night for 12 hours. After I post this…I will finish reading it.
Oh…and I sent this email to John…

I picked you up on the freeway!
That’s right…I picked you up! You don’t remember? I was the one with the warm fingers caressing the leather that held your….”details.” Yeah…I’ll refer to all of that as your details.Well…I blogged about the experience with you. I must say though, your wife is one very lucky lady.
And a note to his wife if she reads this…
The leather I referred to was my Kindle cover holding his book in my Kindle. The details are the details in his book.
And there were no play on words with you being one very lucky lady. He’s a genius!

My 1st Book!

You Cheated On Me With THAT?!

 This will be my first ebook published! The statistics of infidelity are mind boggling! I see a lot of books about this subject and most of what I’ve seen are about how to save your marriage afterwards. This isn’t one of them. This book is about what actually happened once the affairs were found out. The tears, the revenge, and whether or not these couples stayed together. These stories are from the heart.
I am trying to move the blogger blog I had started last year over to here. This post and the next post are the only 2 posts I had on that blog.